Golf Cart Maintenance Check List

  1. Battery Water level must be checked once per month AFTER the cart has been FULLY CHARGED. It should be about one inch from the top of the battery cell.
    • If water needs to be added, USE ONLY DISTILLED water. Which can be purchased at your local grocery store.
    • Use a Turkey baster to fill cells.  DO NOT OVERFILL the water as it will boil out the acid and void the warranty.
  1. Tire pressure should be checked once per month and should be maintained at the specific psi noted on your tires. By not maintaining proper tire pressures your Tires will wear out quickly and unevenly and your cart will loose it’s alignment.
  1. Your Golf Cart must be charged after every use. If cart is not in use it must still be charged once per week to avoid dead batteries.
    • To Charge, first plug the charger into the cart and then plug AC cord into outlet (110V) or power source.
    • After charger turns off, unplug from both the golf cart and the power source (110V) from outlet. DO NOT Leave cart attached to charger and Power Source after it is fully charged. Power surges will blow out important electrical components inside your cart as well as your charger. Store charger in a safe dry place free of moisture.
  1. Set up an Annual Service with GOLF CAR E.R. – Expert Repair once per year to maintain safety as well as your carts’ brakes, battery connections/cables, rear-end oil, hub bearings, etc.

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